The Tobacco Lobby

Since I have encountered and subsequently started to investigate Codentify, I have been sharing my discoveries and analysis through rather technical posts on micro issues. After my last post a follower emailed me and put all my technical criticism into a larger prospective on the general manipulation and dirty lobbying on the part of the tobacco industry. This follower sent me an old clip by British comedian, on American TV, Jon Oliver. This clip is dated a few months ago and was apparently very viral at its initial release. Oliver explains, in a far more funny and approachable way then I could, to just what lengths their industry will go to maintain and expand influences and profits. The Codentify system, and all of its flaws, fit very nicely into the lengthy history of dirty policy and lobbying that keeps this industry afloat.


I have been getting lots of emails since I uploaded the insider interview to youtube last week. I plan on reviewing all the emails over the weekend and posting some of the most insightful comments and replies next week!

Again, here is the video everyone has been talking about.