Big Tobacco’s False Argument for Codentify and Inexto

It is about to time to take a step back from current events and look back on the argument made on behalf of the Tobacco industry as to why the EU should adopt Codentify and now Inexto as the track and trace tool of choice.

One of the primary argument in favor of Codentify, and now Inexto, is that the system is already at least partially in place across Europe and the adaption of any other solution would be cumbersome to the industry. The extension of this argument is that: as the system is already in place it will be more efficient for the EU itself.

The above mentioned argument should not be relevant and makes no mention of the draw backs of the system and of course the more important element that of course this very system was developed by the tobacco industry itself and is thus in inherent violation of the WHO’s FCTC protocol.

The goal of the EU’s tobacco track and trace initiative is to abide by the FCTC and of course actually fight illicit trade and insure that big tobacco is not cheating the EU out of tax payments.

The EU should not concern itself with the convenience of the tobacco industry especially because that convenience is at inherent odds with their goals.

7 thoughts on “Big Tobacco’s False Argument for Codentify and Inexto

  1. Very interessant article !

    But it’s mainly about interest. Everybody if defending its own interest regardless what is good for the majority.


  2. its a very good point as you mentioned that another solution despite codentify or inexto would be cumbersome to adapt for the system.
    But when the system works the way they want it to, it obviously just plays into their arms that other options might not be as eficient in comparement to theirs for a system they “forged” and so set the preconditions for it


  3. I agree with this opinion, we must just take a step back as you said to understand the reality of the thing. Thank you for this article, which I consider very objective.


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