Inexto: Big Tobacco’s Trojan Horse

Although they claim otherwise, big tobacco does gain from counterfeiting and smuggling cigarettes. It is not that all smuggling and counterfeiting is good for the industry, and they do fight, even aggressively at times. It is my belief that in other times they only vein a fight.

ASH recently published a fact sheet stating: “Despite the EU legal agreements, there is continuing evidence of possible tobacco industry involvement in illicit trade. For example, cigarette smuggling to and through Bulgaria continued after the deals reached with the European Union,23 and Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has been under investigation by the European Anti-Fraud Agency, OLAF, following evidence that its involvement in smuggling, with Russia and the Middle East as hubs, continued until at least 2010.24 In March 2014, it was reported that what was previously regarded as an “illicit white” brand, Classic, was in fact an Imperial tobacco brand produced in its Ukraine factory.

Luk Joosens put it best in a 2008 articleThe evidence strongly suggests that the key to controlling smuggling is controlling the supply chain, and that the supply chain is controlled to a great extent by the tobacco industry.

It is this context that has lead me to create a new video which tries to re-frame the story and evolution of Codentify and Inexto. Essentially business as usual is critical for the industry. More government oversight is not just burdensome for the industry but can hurt them in places where right now there is no invasive solution to insure compliance, which big tobacco also has experience in leveraging and exploiting.

Codentify and Inexto is the industry’s way to insure that things can continue to operate comfortable for themselves.

This video would not have been possible without insights from a tobacco industry insider who’s voice had to be distorted for obvious reasons. his additional narration explains three key points.

  1. the Codentify system has inherent flaws, specifically a fundamental inability to authenticate and distinguish a real or copied code.
  2. Codentify had to be sold to Inexto in order to distance the technology from big tobacco.
  3. the DCTA and big tobacco are still lobbying behind the scenes.

I hope in the coming weeks to obtain additional insights from him. When I do I will be sure to share them.

The WHO FCTC itself has explained that Inexto is too closely tied to the industry to be considered independent.

Please share my video and the EU know that Inexto is Codentify and Codentify is big tobacco.

5 thoughts on “Inexto: Big Tobacco’s Trojan Horse

  1. I can understand completely your Intention and it is a big Thing to safe the world and to fight against the tabacco industry. I wish you luck for your work.


  2. It’s ridiculous how the Tobacco Industries are trying to undermine the EU just for their own money. It isn’t about living anymore but it only revolves around money.


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